Disneyland Then and Now

The image above is an aerial image of Disneyland taken on July 15, 1955, two days before Disneyland’s opening day. As you can see, the Park was completely surrounded by farmland, primarily orange groves. Harbor Boulevard was a two-lane road lined on the east with orange trees. Photo courtesy Orange County Archives.

Following is an aerial image of Disneyland by Google Maps, taken in 2017:

Google Map Cropped

Next is the 2017 Google Maps image with the 1955 black-and-white image of Walt’s Disneyland superimposed:

Superimposed Maps Cropped

The following photo shows Walt Disney meeting with Orange County officials at his Burbank studio, showing them the plans for Disneyland: Anaheim Mayor Charles Pearson, Orange County Supervisor Willis Warner, Walt Disney, Supervisor Willard Smith, and Orange County Planning Commission Chairman Dr. W. L. Bingham. Photo courtesy of Orange County Archives:


The next image shows the Disneyland Railroad Station and Mickey Mouse floral design at the entrance to Disneyland in 1955. Photo courtesy of the United States Information Service:


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